Girl riding horse during our horseback riding lessons in NJ


Horseback Riding Lessons in NJ

Seaton Hackney Stables (SHS), a facility of the Morris County Park Commission, leased and operated by Equishare USA, LLC., is carrying on its rich heritage by providing Morris County residents, both young and old, with opportunities to become involved with the elegance and joy of equestrian sports and activities Learn More

  • Horsemanship Troop 2020
    The Seaton Hackney Horsemanship Badge Program is open to Equestrians 3rd grade and above. This program is geared toward providing aspiring equestrians an opportunity to acquire or improve their horsemanship skills. This structured program is a forum to learn in a supportive and fun environment. This 8-week Session does not offer makeups. Click below to download the registration form.

    Horsemanship Troop 2020
    2019 Late Fall Troop
    The 2019 Late Fall Troop Starts the first week of November. The SHS Troop program is geared to provide aspiring equestrians, interested in acquiring or improving their horsemanship and horseback riding skills, a forum to get involved in a structured program in a supportive atmosphere. Troop may include grooming, tacking, safety and handling badges as part of the curriculum. Click below to download the registration form.

  • 2019 LATE FALL PEP
    “2019 LATE FALL PEP” for young aspiring Equestrians ages 3 to 7. As Seaton Hackney is experiencing a steady increase in ridership, we encourage you to register early for our popular programs.

    LATE FALL Registration Form
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  • “Proudly Preserving Yesteryear’s Equestrian Tradition”

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