International Counselors


For its award winning Summer Camp Seaton Hackney Stables is proud to host counselors from all over the world. These young men and women are welcomed to our camp as counselors and team leaders and interact with our Campers on a day-to-day basis. Our program hosts counselors from: Mexico, Columbia, Venezuela, France, Ukraine, Poland, Israel, Denmark and other countries.

P7310444Our riders greatly benefit from this unique program. By interacting with these knowledgeable international horse people, our riders learn about the counselor’s own culture and experience and get a broader view of the world. These international counselors offer a fresh point of view, a different language, and will introduce rider’s to their passion and knowledge of horseback riding. They are especially chosen because of their experience with children, their knowledge of horses and their charismatic, outgoing personalities. Most of them are students about to graduate with a good command of the English language. All are –like our own staff- background checked.

P7310403In order to make all of our counselors experience a most rewarding one, we invite camp families who so desire to host a counselor for two or a few weeks. Your hosting them will provide a home away from home, and children in hosting families will also feel a special closeness to their “adopted older sibling”.

If you are interested in hosting any of these individuals, please contact our office. Even if you choose not to host a counselor, you may still want to invite them over for dinner or a family activity.

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