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Ashley ConstandiAshley Constandi grew up in in South Florida and came into the horse world by mere luck. A friend of the family, who had owned horses her entire life purchased a horse, but along with it came a tiny, fuzzy, ornery, malnourished un-broken pony. Ashley met this pony, Trigger, and the two beginners taught each other how to be partners. She learned to ride with an equally unexperienced vehicle, and before long, the two became a beautiful pair. Ashley’s family moved to Colorado and she worked at a barn there, experiencing first-hand the amount of work involved in maintaining a private barn of 6-8 horses. Ashley was able to undergo various training, specifically in her discipline of dressage. Ashley has schooled Level 1 and able to frequent FEI, Grand Prix, and Olympic level tests at the local Wellington show grounds. Ashley enjoys training green horses and riders to maturity and over the years has come to understand that the key to solid and lasting technique is in the fundamentals: patience, trust, consistency, and most of all, passion!


YARD WORKER: Bobby Spisak

bobbyBobby Spisak joined Seaton Hackney as a stable hand in April of 2013. Bobby also lends a hand with repairs around the farm and loves operating heavy equipment. A graduate of Texas School for the Deaf, Bobby developed his fondness for horses while interning on a large ranch outside Austin during his senior year. It was there that he learned horse behavior and the basics of caring for the large animals. It was also there that he discovered how similarly horses and deaf people use visual cues and touch in communicating. He and the animals of Seaton Hackney have their own language and understand each other well. Born in Virginia, Bobby now lives in New Providence with family. His interests range from pickup trucks, video games and outdoor grilling to documentaries, museums and genealogy. Fascinated by history and other cultures, he would love to travel to Europe.


OFFICE MANAGER: Francesca Hare

FrancescaFrancesca Hare is originally from Morristown and still resides here. Her love of horses began at age nine when she began riding at Seaton Hackney Stables (pictured here with her favorite horse, George Washington). Francesca has been riding on and off for thirty years and has always loved horses and life at the barn. Francesca typically works in the office, but occasionally teaches beginner lessons.

INSTRUCTOR: Frank Senner

frankFrank Senner was born in Morristown, New Jersey, and currently resides in Bernardsville. Frank started riding when he was seven years old, studying the American forward seat system taught by George Morris. Frank soon started showing at in equitation. Later, as a teenager he competed in the Maclay. Frank earned a two year humanities and was a working student for Edith Master, studied combined training with Jane Richards, rode with Nona Garsons and Michael Barazones. Frank began teaching riding when he was 21 years old and has now been teaching now for over 20 years. In his teaching, his main focus has been the fundamentals of equitation. Frank has been an integral part of Seaton Hackney Stables for seven years.

STAFF INSTRUCTOR: Jenna Massarelli

JennaJenna Massarelli was born and raised in Union, New Jersey. She began riding at nine years old after attending a friend’s birthday party at a barn, becoming infatuated with horses, and begging her parents to allow her to start taking lessons immediately. She spent her middle and high school years riding at stables in the North Jersey area, showing successfully in Equitation and Hunter/Jumper divisions. In addition to riding three times weekly, Jenna spent her high school years volunteering as a Junior Instructor, riding with the lower level troops and demonstrating proper horsemanship and riding techniques. She knew early on that she wanted to further her riding education and pursue a career in the Equine Industry.

When she was a senior in high school, she was accepted into the Johnson and Wales University Equine Studies program in Providence, Rhode Island, where she completed courses in Equine Anatomy and Diseases, Equine Nutrition, Horse Farm Management, Equine Physiology, Sports Therapy, and more. It was at Johnson and Wales where she was introduced to Dressage and had the opportunity to ride horses of multiple levels and abilities. Throughout her time at Johnson and Wales, she was able to both audit and ride in Dressage and Jumping clinics given by some of the best riders and trainers in the world including Conrad Schumacher, Arthur Kottas, and Anne Guptill. Jenna was also a member of the Johnson and Wales Intercollegiate Horse Show team competing against different schools throughout the New England area. During her sophomore year, Jenna pointed out of her division and competed in Regionals against some of the strongest riders in the region.

During the summer of 2012, Jenna worked as an Intern at Painted Dreams Farm in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. She taught riders of many different levels, prepared for horse shows, and rode several times daily. There, she also had the opportunity to ride in a jumping clinic with Olympic eventer, Joe Meyer. In May of 2013, Jenna graduated from Johnson and Wales University with a Bachelor’s degree in Equine Business Management / Riding with a concentration in Instruction and Training and began her career at Seaton Hackney in June. She is able to utilize her skills every day at Seaton Hackney, whether teaching, riding, or caring for the horses.

HEAD TRAINER: Jeremiah Marsh

JeremiahJeremiah Marsh is originally from Miami, Florida, but didn’t start riding until his family moved to Tennessee. After showing locally and at many of the top shows along the East Coast, Jeremiah had the opportunity to travel to Europe, where he has taken lessons and attended clinics from some of the best instructors. Jeremiah has been riding for over twenty years, and showing extensively in hunters, jumpers, dressage, and combined training. Jeremiah is also adept at trick riding, vaulting, driving, western gaming events, and reining. Most recently, he has competed in the professional divisions of showjumping to level 7 jumpers as well as small Grand Prixs. “My entire life has been dedicated to riding and training riders. If you are looking to advance as an equestrian and find a winning system, than I am your man!” Jeremiah has been teaching riding for fifteen years, of which the last year and a half have been spent as the Head Trainer at Seaton Hackney Stables.


LauraLaura Strickler has been riding since she was seven years old. Originally from Hershey, Pennsylvania, Laura was a member of the Dauphin County 4-H and the United States Pony Club. Laura was gifted a horse when she turned nine years old, beginning her lifelong love for riding and horses.

She joined the staff at Seaton Hackney in September of 2014 after working as a nursing assistant for seven years in Pennsylvania. While she enjoyed caring for people, she wanted to return to her first passion and is thankful she had that opportunity when she was hired as the barn manager of our sister farm, Catch-A-Breeze, in Califon, New Jersey where she lives with her husband, Scott. Pictured is her three year old Quarter horse, Prince, who she saddle broke herself last year. Laura is training him to be used in a therapeutic riding program as well as for trail rides.

Currently she is pursuing her certification in therapeutic riding instruction through PATH International, a nationwide organization specializing in riding lessons to riders with behavioral and developmental disorders. Outside of working at Seaton Hackney, she is a volunteer at Mane Stream in Oldwick, New Jersey.

INSTRUCTOR: Liz Doerksen

LizElizabeth “Liz” Doerksen was born in Manitoba, Canada where she grew up with 13 horses. Liz started riding at the young age of three, taught by her father, a self-taught horseman. Liz was seven when she got her first horse, Beauty, a three year old Arabian-Quarterhorse mix. Beauty and Liz grew and learned together through many tough lessons and some even tougher falls, but always came back stronger together.

In 2006 Liz moved to the United States and currently lives in Clifton, New Jersey. Liz has over 25 years’ experience in horseback riding and has been teaching for five years, all of which have been spent with Seaton Hackney Stables. In both disciplines, English and Western, her main focus is balance and clear communication. Clear communication in a rider requires balance, a fundamental skill all riders need master. Clear communication as an instructor requires the right combination of encouragement and direction. Liz enjoys teaching beginners the basics and building the fundamental skills of riders at all levels.

OWNER: Marc J. Schumacher

MarcMarc was born in France and began riding there when he was six years old. Because of his constant complaining his instructor did not allow him to ride with stirrups for over one year. His parents soon bought him his first horse, but he was not allowed to ride her for the first year! She was a nutsy three year old mare named Diablesse. When he was thirteen years old, as a challenge to himself, he jumped a 6’ fence in England, at a trot from a paved road into a field. He cleared the jump successfully, then fainted shortly afterward, realizing what he had just done. At 14 years old Marc began to teach at the provincial Etrier Baugeois in the Loire Valley. From 1966-1967 Marc, now 15 years old, was a member of the French junior National 3 day Eventing Team, riding his father’s horse Othello-H. At 16 years of age Marc because the youngest certified Riding Instructor in France.

At age 22, Marc became the Co-Captain of the Israeli International Equestrian Team. The team rode older carriage horses trained to become jumpers at great psychological challenge to their trainers! The team only managed one trip internationally to neighboring Cyprus, where it was unfortunately defeated. At age 25 Marc was promoted to Head Instructor at the Tehran Imperial Club and remained there for two years. The Iranian instructors disliked him because he made them canter and jump facing the horses butt, which almost always resulted in them falling of the horse in front of friends and family of the pre-revolution Shah of Iran and his wife, the lovely Farah Dibah (whose favorite pastime was to watch Marc train his instructors).

From 1981-1995 Marc worked to found the Independent Riding Club of New York and New Jersey. The club consisted of over 200 members riding once weekly out of seven local riding academies. In 1986 Marc founded the Equishare USA franchise which he currently runs. He also currently owns and operates PonyShare Polite Ponies (PPP), which has introduced about 15,000 young people to ponies and horsemanship in their own towns for the last twenty-three years. In 2006 Marc won the bid to renovate and reopen Seaton Hackney Stables in Morristown, New Jersey which had been largely destroyed in a fire. In the last two years Marc has also started and co-owns with his wife Shelly, Price Publishing LLC. Marc lives in Morristown with his wife, two wonderful kids, six dogs, two cats, and pig Wee-Wee.

INSTRUCTOR: Nicole Dallal

NicoleNicole Dallal, originally from Passaic, New Jersey, has been riding and working with horses since she was nine years old at what was then Suburban Essex Riding Club. Every summer Nicole spent two months at an overnight riding camp in upstate NY.

She enjoys photography and has a degree from the Perfect Picture School of Photography. Nicole earned her Bachelors of Arts in Linguistics from Montclair State University. While attending school Nicole rode and worked at the Meadowlands Racetrack in the backstretch with both Thoroughbreds and Standardbreds. This was one of her favorite experiences, through which she learned a great deal.

“Teaching comes easily to me, and I taught riding all through my twenties at various summer camps and stables. I took time off to be a veterinary technician for many years until I made the decision to come back to my first love, horses. My favorite are the people who have never been on a horse, I love to see their fear subside and joy come through!” Nicole has been teaching at Seaton Hackney for two years and has loved every second of it. She lives in Columbia, New Jersey with her husband Joe, to whom she has been married for 21 years. Her lifelong goal is to get Joe on a horse!

YARD HAND: Rafael Altriste

RafaelRafael Altriste was born on a military base in the Philippines. His mother was Spanish from Central America and his father from the Philippines. Rafael has an older brother and sister. His father served in the Filipino army for 12 years.

Rafael loves horses, his favorites here at Seaton Hackney are Snoopy, Heidi, and Fanny (pictured). His favorite part about working at SHS is being a part of a big family and a team environment. Rafael is happily married to his wife Loyda of ten years. Together, they have a beautiful daughter named Genesis.

PEP DIRECTOR: Rebecca Gallanter

RebeccaRebecca Gallanter was born and raised in New Jersey. She began riding horses at seven years old and has been doing it ever since. Over the years she has ridden at many different barns, and learned something unique at each one. Nearly three years ago Rebecca began to work at Seaton Hackney Stables. In her time with us, Rebecca’s main focus has been her job as Petite Equestrian Program (P.E.P) Director. As P.E.P Director, it has been her job to introduce the youngest riders to the basics of riding and how to properly care for and ride horses. Rebecca has an Associate’s Degree in Humanities and Social sciences from the County College of Morris and is currently attending Montclair State University to earn her Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. She currently resides in Caldwell.

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